Day Performers

Jewelry City Steampunk Festival is looking for performers. We are looking for musical acts to perform during the day in the same room as the vendors inside the Ezekiel Bates Masonic Lodge in Attleboro, MA. There will be a table to sell band merchandise during your performance. Unfortunately, however, there will be no opportunity for troubadour style performances around the festival. If you would like to perform and also run a panel or workshop during the day, please let us know in the application below.

Apply here to become a daytime performer

Night Performers

We are also looking for musicians, fire-eaters, comedians, poets, vaudeville acts, steampunk wenches, etc. to perform at our evening event, which will be ticketed. Please let us know you are interested by filling out the application below. Daytime performers are not barred from applying to the night event.

Apply here to become an evening performer