The performer application is now available here!

Please note that we have a very limited budget and can only take on a small number of performers.

The following information is from the 2018 festival:

The Olde Howard Troupe
Park Street Ale House
The Olde Howard Troupe’s artistes bring you back to the old English music hall, with their over-the-top Victorian stage costumes, over-sized personalities and robust singing. Their music hall songs are classics – they encourage everyone to sing along on the chorus!

King Serpent Variety Troupe
Park Street Ale House
The King Serpent Variety Troupe is an outlaw themed performing group based in New England.

Mei Ohara
Park Street Ale House
Mei Ohara is an electric violinist, vocalist, and spacey synth-pop/ electronic artist.

The King’s Busketeers
Park Street Ale House
The King’s Busketeers is a high- octane folk group with songs that span both the Atlantic and the last several centuries. Sliding from ancient paeans to rollicking originals, when the Busketeers come out in force, you won’t be able to keep your toes from tapping!