Our programming application for 2020 is available here!

The Fourth Annual Jewelry City Steampunk Festival is considering going virtual in 2020 and is soliciting programming applications from those that can do live programs, pre-recorded programs, and a mix of pre-recording and live Question & Answer portion. We are also looking for programming that is suitable for radio (audio only). All programming must be family-friendly (PG-PG-13) and the Festival reserves the right to determine if a program is deemed within those parameters.

If you can’t make it to Attleboro, this is your opportunity to be a part of the Festival! We are hoping to reach a world-wide audience this year and would be interested in promoting programs from around the globe.

Our contingency plan is that some things may still occur in person if possible. Because of that, we are asking for programs to choose a venue in the application. Thank you for following through with that portion.

Programming Locations:

Attleboro Public Library
74 North Main Street
Attleboro, MA 02703

Programming Area: The Attleboro Public Library has two rooms available for programming. A large open space, the Marble Lobby, on the second floor that can seat up to 75, and a smaller room, the Balfour Room, on the first floor that can seat up to 50. Nothing may be sold at the Library.

Balfour Riverwalk Park
74 North Main Street
Attleboro, MA 02703

The park will be used for a children’s area as well, so this must be child-friendly programming. There are no tents allowed on the Riverwalk. This space would be ideal for small informal gatherings, dancing, demonstrations and picnic-style programming. Nothing may be sold at the Riverwalk.

Attleboro Area Industrial Museum
42 Union Street #2
Attleboro, MA 02703

Programming Area: A large room at the back of the museum, with seating for up to 50. The programming in the Museum must be family-friendly.

Centenary United Methodist Church
15 Sanford St
Attleboro, MA 02703

Programming Area: A large room with tables and chairs that can seat up to 50. There is a stage here. The programming must be family-friendly.

There will be no overnight rooms provided for individuals running programs.

Program Application Deadline: Applications will be accepted up to three weeks before the event with rolling acceptances beginning July 1st. The latest you will hear back is two weeks before the Festival.

Program Questions: Contact us at