Further Information

Safety – If you have symptoms of a cold, or have tested positive for a Covid-19 test in the last ten days, please stay home. Jewelry City Steampunk Festival in 2021 will have a mandatory mask policy. You may remove your mask to eat and drink, and, for our performers only, sing. We ask that you social distance if you remove your mask; please move away from those not in your pod. By pod we mean people who you live with, or socialize with on a steady basis. Please stay 20 feet or more from unmasked performers for your own safety. If you don’t agree with this policy, we politely ask that you not attend this year.

Note mask policies as you enter the Attleboro Public Library, the Centenary United Methodist Church, or the Attleboro Area Industrial Museum for their individual mask policies.

Festival Rules

Harassment Policy

Weapons policy


Emergency informationIn an emergency, please always use 911. If it is non-emergency, Attleboro Police can be reached at (508) 223-2224 and the Attleboro Fire Department can be reached at (508) 222-2110. Jewelry City Steampunk Festival stands with Black Lives Matters and ask that you try to locate Operation Hammond, the onsite volunteer team of medics, before calling police for non-emergencies.

City ordinances

Please check back for more information!