Learn all about the world of steampunk from lectures about the genre to instructional activities on how to create your own costume.

Welcome Tea

Join the founder of Jewelry City Steampunk Festival for a morning Tea to whet your whistle before an entire day of fun! You may even see a glimpse of Jewelry City’s official Mayor, Spooky the cat.

Changing Roles of, and Attitudes Towards, Computers, Robots and AIs I’m Literature and on the Screen

The role of computers, robots and AIs have taken many forms since the late 1800s, and attitudes towards them have changed as well, usually in relation to the events current at the time. This talk will examine those changes.

Create a Creature with Artist Jess Tracey

Stop by Cuddy Court between 11am-12pm and create your own creature mural on the sidewalks with chalk along with the artist who painted the murals that adorn the walls.

Exploring Steampunk Art With Bruce Rosenbaum

Bruce Rosenbaum has been dubbed the Steampunk Guru by the Wall Street Journal and Steampunk Evangelist by Wired Magazine. Bruce’s functional Steampunk artwork has been featured in the Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, Architectural Digest, CNN, NPR and featured on MTV, A&E, HGTV and Netflix. Bruce’s company, ModVic, works with clients all across the world to take period, repurposed, personal and meaningful objects, and creatively infuse them with modern technology to transform the ordinary into incredible Steampunk functional placemaking art. The Steampunk art and design process celebrates history, while setting a path for a reimagined better future — telling the personal stories of objects, individuals, organizations and places. Bruce’s Steampunkinetics workshops builds art and history into science helping to promote STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, ART and Math) for atypical and neurotypical children and adults.

Fantastical Murals: Cuddy Court and the Imagination of Artist Jess Tracey

Join muralist, author, artist, and maker Jess Tracey as she leads a walking tour through the imaginative, whimsical, weird, and dare we say, steampunk-inspired?, murals in Cuddy Court, Attleboro. Tracey will discuss the inspiration behind the designs, and what it takes to make a mural from start to finish.

Visit Jess Tracey’s studio at Cuddy Court- open all day during the festival!

Gizmos and Gadgets

Join the Citizens of Antiford for discussion on how to design and build props and gadgets.

Illuminate Children’s Theatre

Children’s theatre, presented by Illuminate. Stop by Cuddy Court for an interactive, fun, and engaging children’s theatre performance. Illuminate’s energetic performers will present popular classics like “Beauty and the Beast” in a 20- minute, entertaining show for kids….and kids at heart!

Sewing Steampunk Costumes 101

Do you have a steampunk costume, or have you been inspired to create one? Join Fox and Bear Cosplay as they talk about crafting a steampunk wardrobe. They’ll take your questions about creating a character, choosing a pattern, fabric, and trim all the way down to buttons.

Steampunk 101

Hear the Citizens of Antiford introduce aesthetics, history, literature, films, and the local community of New England Steampunks.

Steampunk Book Tasting

Attelboro Librarians give a taste of a multitude of books with Steampunk themes from where the genre came from to present day works. The books will be out to peruse with Librarians available for assistance.

Steampunk Costumes 101

Join costume designers Marissa Dufault and Stephanie Traversa as they walk you through putting together a steampunk look! We’ll talk about what to look for when thrifting, how to use clothes already in your closet, and where to go when you’re ready to make that first costume investment!

Steampunk Discussion & Drop in Tea

Join the Citizens of Antiford for an interactive discussion of all things steampunk. Ask your questions and have both presenters and audience answer. Drop in Tea available while you take part in the discussion.

Steampunk Powerpoint Karaoke

In this improv performance, participants will attempt to explain a wacky Steampunk-themed PowerPoint presentation that they’ve never seen before in their lives!